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  About us

Who We Are
With headquarters in China inland city-ShaoYang and our manufacturing coordination center in Shenzhen mainland China, Parplus is a full china manufacturing solutions provider for Party products and Promotion products to the global customers.

Our Approach
We provide a variety of contract or OEM manufacturing solutions to meet the requirements of each individual customer,Our simple business ethics of transparent partnerships and impeccable service with our customers has forged strong lasting relationships with them and has allowed Parplus to become an extension of our customers buying teams. We can:
---Give peace of mind with safe and compliant product ---Save you money---Provide outstanding quality---Deliver reliability and exceptional turn---Exceptional service and support---Bring a commitment to the partnership and a can do attitude.

Our Quality
Quality has become strongly ingrained within the corporate culture. All the
employees are acutely aware that it is the close attention to details and quality that sets the company apart from its competition. The companies are constantly raising the bar by setting ever higher standards to further differentiate themselves from their competition; it has become a source of corporate pride.

Our History

2003 - Establishment of Parplus with a capitalization of 6 Million RMB and involved in designing,manufacturing and distribution of Greeting card and party decoration products.
2007 - The company was expanded and capable of producing a wide range of products and styles, Folding Machine/Saddle Stitcher/Casing-in Line/Casemaking Machine/Envelope making Machine/Two Double sides 2-colour Ruling machines were introduced to enhance efficiency and ensure the consistency of quality of the products.
2009 - Starting with disposable paper & wooden tableware,bamboo BBQ items.
2010 - Parplus Shenzhen branch founded; Servers as the mainland China's production base, deals with the development of the plastic injection molding(for plastic tableware,cocktails,confetti and party favor).
2012 - Foundation of Parplus IND'L ,delication to the design of eco-friendly products and the improvement of product performance and service to our customers.
2015 - Founding of Shenzhen Parplus Party Supplies Co.,Ltd,build new platforms on Alibaba,Made-in-china,Global resource for the purpose of providing all-round comprehensive professional services to customers.

          Parplus Shaoyang Factory for Greeting cards,Party & Promotional products




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